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How to improve your conversion rates?


A guest post from our search and digital marketing partner Silverbean.

If your conversion rates are not what they could be and you've been left scratching your head by an increased number of checkout fails as opposed to sales then isn't it about time that you did something about it?  


Conversion rates are the life blood of any eCommerce business and you'll be pleased to hear that there are plenty of easy to implement methods that can help keep your sales pumping without the need for any major surgery.

Check out the ten conversion rate improvement tips below and by this time next year Rodney...

Easy to use– this is exactly what your customer wants when they're looking to buy one of your products. Make sure CTA buttons, shopping baskets, and checkout features are simple to use and contain as few steps as possible.

Stand out– make your site stand out from competitors by ensuring your brand's identity is uniform throughout and you're easily recognizable by your target audience. Also, CTA and eCommerce buttons need to be big, bold and obvious for first-time visitors.

Be upfront – if you're using PPC campaigns to entice customers then make sure you let them know exactly what to expect when they click on your ad. Be honest, straightforward and direct customers to specific product landing pages as opposed to just the home page.

Keep it simple – product descriptions should be written for everyone to understand as should the rest of the copy on your site. Don't use jargon, tech speak or baffle with acronyms unless really obvious or necessary.

Build trust – make sure that visitors know what they're going to be viewing every step of the way with sensible and obvious internal links, page titles, headings and subheadings. Also, provide easy to use feedback forms and your contact details so you can deal with any queries as soon as possible.

Interact – social media buttons should be placed on every product page and getting to know your customers through responding to messages and answering queries is the perfect way to improve your conversion rates and develop a positive brand identity.

Be flexible– multiple payment methods, multi-device sites and the ability to communicate as a human being i.e. personal email rather than robotic response, is exactly what you need to meet specific customer needs and encourage conversions.

Promote your USP – do you have a unique sales pitch? What makes you different from the crowd? Once you've found out what makes you stand out then make sure you shout about it both on your site and on your social pages.

Show that you're alive– keep your blog, Facebook posts and Tweets up-to-date and regular to ensure you're always deemed to be active online and providing a useful service.

Keep monitoring – the only way to improve is to install analytical tools which monitor visits, sales and bounce rates on your site. Knowing where you're going wrong is far more useful than where you're going right and continuous testing and tweaking is the best means of improving your site and your conversion rates.

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