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Global predictions for 2014

Commerce revenues will continue to grow in 2014 as customers' online buying habits evolve.2013 was the year that saw a dramatic surge in eCommerce revenue worldwide and, according to a global eCommerce report by Forrester Research 2014 sees this trend set to continue. Forrester expects eCommerce revenues to continue to increase throughout 2014 as online retailers start to better plan and execute their international eCommerce strategies. One such retailer with big plans for global online expansion in 2014 is John Lewis. In 2014 John Lewis plan to expand into France and expect to see online sales making up 50% of their years revenue.

In their recent report Forrester shows how shoppers’ online buying habits will continue to evolve presenting retailers with new challenges and opportunities, as well as identifying eight trends that will have huge prominence this year. We have selected the top 3 trends to look out for to ensure your eCommerce store stays ahead of the game in 2014.


1. In 2014 Retailers will need to plan for key online shopping dates around the world

After the success of the introduction of Friday into the UK marketplace this year US and European brands will increasingly have to plan for key eCommerce dates everywhere in the world, as opposed to just in their home markets. This must be done in order ensure no consumers are alienated, or revenue lost, in the ever increasingly globalised Commerce world. For example, in 2013, China saw $5.7 billion in online sales on the national ‘Singles’ day.

2. The trend towards mobile sales will continue to rise.

Mobile was the hot new topic in 2013 and 2014 see’s this trend set to continue with the percentage of traffic and orders placed via mobile devices set to increase in virtually every market worldwide. In response to this prediction Forrester expects to see a rapidly growing number of retailers releasing new mobile websites and apps.

3. The use of Marketplaces for online sales will increase

For those retailers looking to quickly expand their online presence Forrester predicts that marketplaces will be the place to do it as it is a way for retailers to realise revenue growth quickly.

So 2014 looks set to be another exciting year in the world of eCommerce, and with a number of exciting new products to start the year with we can’t wait to get stuck in! Read the full report from Forrester here