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What should we expect in the Magento Imagine 2014



The 2014 Magento Imagine Conference is just a few days away and our team is gearing up to fly out Las Vegas to meet with other members of the Magento community. With 1,200 plus merchants, partners, developers, industry experts and open source enthusiasts from all over the world staff from our teams in both our UK and South African office are heading across the pond for three days of networking, collaborating and of the moment sessions at the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas.

Ahead of the event we have put together a ‘best bits’ agenda for getting the most out of this year’s conference!


1. Magento Imagine Pre- Imagine Party

This has to be first on everybody’s agenda! Get the 3rd Annual Pre-Imagine Community party scheduled into your diary for Sunday 11th May (4-6pm). The party, held the day before the conference starts, kicks the event off in style. Held at the Culinary Dropout Patio and restaurant at the Hard Rock, located next to the Hotels famed Pool Party venue, this is where your imagine experience starts. It is a great opportunity to get to know other members from the Magento Community.


2. Imagine & Marketplace Grand Opening

The second, not to be missed, event at 2014’s Magento Imagine is the Imagine and Marketplace Grand Opening on the Monday afternoon (3-4pm). We will see you all there in the Muse Hall at 3pm. Magento Imagine brings together over 1700 Magento enthusiasts from all walks of life and the grand opening is your chance to network with the partners, merchants and industry experts before continuining the evening at the Marketplace Reception (4-7pm).


3. Keynote Speakers

Every year Magento Imagine puts on an impressive line-up of informative sessions and expert speakers and this year is no exception. Heading up this year’s line-up of keynote speakers is bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell. Gladwell has recently been named one of the 100 most influential people in TIME magazine and is known for his thought provoking writings that aim to topple popular understanding of bias, crime, food, marketing, race, consumers and intelligence. David and Goliath is his latest creation that see’s Gladwell examine the dynamics that shape the balance of power between the small and the mighty.

We will also be looking out for Roy Rubin, Co-Founder & COO of Magento. As the founder of Magento Rubin stands for everything Magento and his talks are always a much anticipated part of the conference.



4. Cutting- Edge Sessions

If you are yet to put together your itinerary for the conference then let us share with you a few favourites that we think are must attends.



1. Tackling Multi-Channel Complexity on Magento- Coldplay Track


Darryl Adie
Managing Director
Ampersand Commerce

Gavin Williams
eCommerce and Digital Marketing Consultant
Harvey Nichols

The consumer is becoming more and more demanding. Retailers who don’t invest in cross-channel technology right now will not be top-of-mind of the savvy consumer and ultimately lose sales. Retailers with physical and web stores need to ensure that all consumer touch points are quick, stable and optimized to use data in a smart and engaging way. Hear how Harvey Nichols translated complex requirements into a simple user experience (optimized for mobile and tablet) primed for personalization, content curation and innovative fulfilment methods — ultimately giving the discerning Harvey Nichols consumer what they want now and in the future.


2. B2B Commerce in a B2C World- Hendrix Track

Paul Demery
Managing Editor of B2B eCommerce, Editor for B2BecNews
Internet Retailer

As B2B buyers move online for research and transactions, B2B businesses must change the way they drive sales. Thick print catalogs, hoards of sales reps, and massive call centers are giving way to B2C-like experiences on the desktop and on mobile devices. Hear directly from B2B merchants and partners on how they are leveraging these new channels and experiences to maximize customer reach and sales.


3. From $0 to Multi-Millions…A Strategic Roadmap for Growth- Nirvana Track

Jon Provisor
Co-Owner and CIO

Andy Solomon
Sole Society

Scaling your eCommerce growth from zero to millions isn’t easy, but it can be done. With the objective of educating eCommerce executives and managers, this panel will reveal what strategies and technologies are best to achieve specific revenue marks for multi-year growth. Jon and Andy will detail what they’ve learned from using various tactics and tools. Topics include, Buy Online and Pick-Up In-Store, CDN and Site Performance, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Gifting and more.


4. Your Shopping Cart Strategy is Outdated: Consumers Tell-All- Radiohead Track

Jim Davidson
Manager of Marketing Research
Bronto Software

Together with Magento, Bronto Software conducted a study of 1000+ online shoppers to gain insight into real-world usage of online carts, causes for abandonment and expectations for post-abandonment marketing. The results show that a one-size-fits-all approach to shopping cart marketing is not enough to get consumers back to your site. To decrease cart abandonment and increase engagement, you must continually speak to a subscriber’s preferences, behaviors and shopping habits. Do more males or females abandon carts only to revisit them later on mobile devices while in-store? Will order totals and product images scare away infrequent shoppers? Do all abandoners expect an incentive? Attend this session to learn how you can build a more sophisticated shopping cart strategy to decrease abandonment, keep the shopping momentum going and recover potentially lost sales.


For us Magento Imagine is the event of the year for exchanging the latest in innovation, discussing emerging trends and making lasting connections.

Enjoy the conference! Kevin (CEO), Jason (CTO) and Abrie (Tech lead) will see you there! Feel free to contact them on their twitter accounts  @KevinLudford @jbramsden and @ninex or drop us a message through our contact form.