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Latest Magneto meetup in the UK

This Wednesday the 29th Magento meet was held at the regular venue, The Green pub in Clerkenwell. This was the first meetup of the year as the previous event had to be canceled due to the fun tube strikes us Londoners experienced last month.


The night kicked off with talk was about Composer, a dependency manager for PHP and how it can integrate with Magento. Steve Desmt presented an interesting technical talk about the benefits of using Composer to keep track of project dependencies. The talk compared currently existing methods of keeping track of packages, such as Magento Connect, mod_man and commercially compressed folders. The great thing about Composer is the community has made it compatible with old methods but with the added benefits dependency management gives you over simple package management.


This presentation was followed by a talk was about User Experience for mobile eCommerce from Humberto Suastegui an experienced developer who has just finished a masters. The presentation caused heated debate in the room among both business owners and developers about the currently poor conversion rates many retailers are seeing on mobile. At InventCommerce we were particularly interested in this talk as the conversion rate is something we have been focusing heavily on recently, leading us to hold the first Magento maximised Seminar this week at 1 Wimpole Street in conjunction with our partners Bronto Software, Peer1 Hosting and Silverbean. The seminar focused on driving conversion and competitive advantage with your Magento platform. To download the key takeaways from the event click here.


Thanks to everyone involved in this months meetup! It was great to catch up with everyone and we never miss a chance to network with our peers and hear about the latest goings-on in the industry. To attend the next Magento Meetup click here.