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Our success

At InventCommerce we enjoyed a very successful year both in our UK and South African offices. This is down to our expert Inventors delivering and supporting our customers across the globe for both Hybris and Magento projects. Here is an overview of the highlights for InventCommerce in 2014:

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  • We launched 80+ B2C web stores in 2014 across a variety of different sectors including General Merchandise, High Street Retail, Telecoms, Digital Downloads, Books, Beauty and Well being, and Energy.
  • Sites launched in over 16 countries internationally, including Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa.
  • Retailers that we support generated over £30 million in online revenue. Most of whom saw a positive % increase on previous years revenue and who also have had positive increase from the Black Friday and Cyber Monday activities at the end of November.
  • We launched 3 B2B web stores.
  • Our support team handled over 1000 queries and questions
  • Our QA team ran through 25,000+ test scenarios.
  • We delivered over 95% of projects in 2014 that were on time and on budget
  • Our South African office won 3 key projects in 2014 including a large Media group.
  • We have 10+ staff pass their platform certification exams

Our Magento Cybersource extension has been installed into 20+ sites around the world.

Also in 2014 we launched our Hybris Project Governance white paper, which aims to help merchants with running their Hybris project deliveries.

This was a great success for 2014 and we are looking on improving this success in 2015!