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Does agile and DevOps are a necessity?

On the 30th November last year, SQLI presented feedback on the operating experiences of SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) and DEVOPS before a crowd of a hundred or so people, who had attended expressly to hear the account of Eric Chambefort, Head of the Digital IS Department of EDF Commerce for Enterprises and local authorities.


Our consultants Jean-François Nicolas (SAFe) and Julien Pardo (DEVOPS) accompanied Eric Chambefort by taking turns to answer the evening's top questions, notably:

  • Why did EDF Commerce choose SAFe?
  • After just over a year, what are the initial lessons learnt from this transition to a scaled framework?
  • What has DEVOPS contributed?

Eric Chambefort explained that the decision in 2016 to transition over to the scaled agile framework was necessary, in order to allow the IS Department to engage in a widespread and ambitious transformation project which sought to accelerate digitalisation, competitiveness, growth and the adoption of new business models. In the context of energy transition, competitive pressure and the digitalisation of society, the EDF Group needs to increase innovation, improve their Time to Market, create competitive offers and anticipate new trends.

The lessons learnt after more than a year of operation can be measured by taking into account the level of commitment and the well-being of teams who would not dream of switching back. A repository incorporating agile practices that enable ongoing improvements to be made. While the time has not yet come to start assessing the results, according to the Director, the increases in productivity are indisputable thanks to a shared vision and the aligning of teams focused on co-building the applications of tomorrow. Other benefits should also be noted, such as the sizeable drop in the number of incidents reported and the high standard of developments.

However, much remains to be done before judging whether this repository of good practices will constitute a competitive advantage for Companies having made this choice. Lastly, EDF Commerce has also integrated DEVOPS practices. As reiterated by Eric Chambefort, in agile methods such as SAFe, while the mind-set, curiosity and willingness to move forward are fundamental, automating development and integration processes is a key factor for boosting productivity and quality.

Jean-François Nicolas - Agile Coach SQLI Toulouse, France