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Ensure the development process of the website is of the highest quality with QA

As a Quality Assurance (QA) tester at InventCommerce it is my role to test a website at all stages of the development process in order to ensure the website is of the highest quality for launch.

In order to ensure that our QA testing covers all aspects of the project we have a number of processes in place. For example, before development starts we create a test plan, test cases, and entry/exit criteria. The entry criteria defines the point in the project when QA will begin and the exit criteria defines the deadline for the completion of testing.

So, as a QA tester, there are four key areas that I cover when I am testing:


1.    Look and Feel.

This involves testing the layout of the website in order to ensure that the deliverable matches the original specification and design.


2.    Cross browser testing

This is the testing of the website across all supported browsers in order to ensure consistency is maintained. The browsers we support are:

      - Firefox

      - Chrome

      - Safari

      - Opera

      - Internet Explorer


3.    Testing on different operating systems

      - Linux

      - Mac

      - Windows


4.    Usability and Functionality 

We test the usability and functionality of the website based upon the clients original specifications and requirements. Also, very importantly, we test the user journey and experience as we understand that nothing makes a customer happier than browsing a user friendly website where everything is clear and accessible. We know a happy customer means increased revenue for our clients.

Usability and functionality testing involves:

      - The registration process, login or out, account management and newsletter subscription

      - Browsing through the site, company logo, search engine and navigation

      - Product overview: Product image (zoom-+), description, price, stock availability, add to cart button (call to action),

       and add to wish list or add to compare

      - Breadcrumbs

      - Shopping Cart – Edit/ update cart, add vouchers/ coupons/ proceed to checkout or continue shopping.

      - Checkout – Payment Methods (must be tested and addressed very carefully), shipping and order statuses.

And that is the process in a nutshell! I hope you’ve enjoyed this insight into how we work at InventCommerce.