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Our event with Google and Mary Portas

Mary Portas - InventCommerce and Google Retail event
‘Thought-provoking’, ‘insightful’, ‘interesting’ and ‘superb evening’ are just a few of the comments from retailers who attended the recent InventCommerce & Google event. 

Google’s head office was the place to be on Wednesday evening as 200 senior executives of leading high street retailers gathered for an evening with Mary Portas ‘Queen of shops’, Google’s Head of Retail Peter Fitzgerald and InventCommerce, to discuss all things retail & search.
Peter Fitzgerald - InventCommerce and Google Retail event
This special evening brought together leading retailers to hear Mary Portas deliver a fantastic talk sharing her experiences with the retail high street decline. She spoke about her challenging debates with local councils and retailers as she endeavors to support the local community by rejuvenating the town centers and the Portas Pilot program. It was not only a thoroughly interesting insight around Mary’s experiences but also somewhat inspiring when seeing the videos of so many proud residents desperate to bring life back into their communities.
Jason Bramsden - InventCommerce and Google Retail EventOnce suitably refreshed and after a spot of networking, Peter Fitzgerald took to stage to deliver an excellent update on what’s occupying the clever people at Google these days, looking at some of the latest and greatest Google apps and customer solutions. The evening was brought a close by the InventCommerce & Google team demonstration as to the power of the Google Commerce Search solution and how within one day you can deliver Search-as-You-Type on your eCommerce site to power conversion in time for Christmas trading, now that’s innovation!