Order by SKU: The Quick Order Solution for B2B

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Order quickly by SKU in a B2B environment

The Order By SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) feature found in the Magento Admin Panel is not a new concept in Magento. It is especially useful for merchants who use this feature to speed up their order taking process via the Magento Admin Panel.




This feature provides a quick and easy way to add one or more products to a customer’s basket by manually entering a SKU and Quantity or by uploading a CSV file.

This tool is especially important for merchants who take customer orders over the phone, especially those in the B2B sector. Trouble with this feature is that it always requires Customer Service personnel to place an order for a customer rather than allowing a customer to place an order themselves.

As of Magento Enterprise Edition V1.12 the Order By SKU feature has been made available on the frontend to allow customers to add 1 or more SKU ID’s manually or use a CSV file to bulk upload several SKU ID’s directly into their basket and speed up the purchase process and empower the customer to be self sufficient.

To enable the Order by SKU tab on the My Accounts Page:

1.       Go to the Magento Admin Panel.

2.       When in the Magento Admin Panel go to System > Configuration > SALES Sales

a.       Note: Ensure the correct website is selected from the Current Configuration Scope if the Magento instance contains more than one store.

3.       Then expand the Order by SKU Settings section.

4.       Then on the ‘Enable Order by SKU on My Account in Frontend’ select one of the following options from the drop down:

a.       Yes, for Specified customer Groups – this will enable the Order By SKU feature on the My Accounts pages for customers who are logged in and are part of a specified customer group.

b.      Yes, for Everyone – this option will enable the Order By SKU for all logged in customers.

c.       No – This option will disable the feature from the frontend.

5.       Then click on the Save Config button to complete the process.

If enabled, this feature should be visible on the My Accounts page once a merchant logs in under the Order By SKU tab.





Enjoy the feature! For any more information on Order By SKU or any of the other features available with Magento Enterprise drop us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or alternatively call us on 020 3011 5000.