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More accreditations for our consultants

InventCommerce is proud to announce that it now has eighteen accreditations across its development team positioning the company amongst the top UK and South African based Magento Solution Providers.


At InventCommerce we recognise the importance of certification as part of Magento’s partner quality assessment and as a way to measure the skill and experience of a partner’s development team and technical capability.

Since launching in 2011 InventCommerce has continuously invested in training and development in order to become a respected member of the Magento community. It has successfully built a credible and dedicated technical consulting team of Magento certified developers to support their customers on challenging and complex projects to measured budgets and limited timescales.

As well as developing a capable and respected team InventCommerce has successfully developed a number of extensions and processes that have been proven to add value and functionality to both Magento and InventCommerce’s clients, such as the recent  turnkey solution that the company developed in conjucton with specialist fulfillment agency Clientbase. Through the partnership a turnkey solution that offers clients a fully managed single solution from online to fulfillment was created.This solution is a system that can be easily integrated into current business processes. The benefits of creating such a solution lies in the reduction in time to market, as the integration is immediately ready to use upon implementation. 

InventCommerce has unparalleled ability implementing custom-built, integrated and high-performance eCommerce webstores. With this high level functionality comes challenging and technically intense processes that require a high level of knowledge and expertise. InventCommerce has developed an in-depth understanding and experience working with Magneto to confidently offer its clients a highly specialised eCommerce solutions service that few others are able to.