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Best Practices for Hybris projects

In recent years there has been an increasing emphasis in all sectors for improved governance, with many companies now defining guidelines for corporate governance. Governance covers a multitude of activities within an organisation and particularly affects how projects are commissioned and managed.

Why do projects fail because of governance issues?

-  Lack of a clear link between the project and the organisation’s key strategic priorities, including key measures of success

- Lack of clear senior management ownership and leadership

- Lack of effective engagement with stakeholders

-  Evaluation of proposals driven by initial price rather than long-term value for money

-  Inadequate resources and skill to deliver the project

Governance at project and programme level is different to corporate or public sector governance. It is concerned with the best use of resources as well as the more standard governance around risks/issues and accountability.

InventCommerce has a wealth of experience implementing hybris solutions for both large corporations and smaller organisations. Our experience has shown that implementations will not be successful unless governance processes and organisational support are put in place from the very beginning.

We believe project governance is twofold. Firstly, it is about developing internal resources and selecting the “right” resources for the “right” project. Secondly, it is making sure that the project controls and communication are in place. Simply speaking, it is how the project management capability in the organisation is governed as a whole. The process does not stop when the project is delivered; the review processes are equally as important. It is important for the organisation to progress and adapt processes in order to be more streamlined; it must evolve constantly.