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Bring B2B success with Hybris Platform

Hybris is the first eCommerce platform to develop innovative tools that enable organisations to fulfil their unique needs. The software understands that in order for a business to be effective users need tools that support their roles, tasks and goals. Hybris recognises the time to innovation as one of the key factors to achieve organisational goals. For this reason they have developed the Next Generation Cockpit, which is included in version five of the software. The Next Generation Cockpit is a framework based on widgets. It aims to create business tailored cockpits in a much faster and easier way, often without having to write any code.


A widget can be defined as an independent unit of functionality that can react to different events if configured to do so. As part of this framework, hybris already provides a vast number of widgets that can be used in different locations for example Advanced Search, Product Lists and Order Details. These widgets can be used for creating cockpits by dragging them to a container and connecting them with one another. They can even be grouped and used in different locations. The framework is also extendable in case a new type of widget is needed, in this case code has to be written.

From a developer’s point of view, this framework divides the development roles in two; the widget developer and the application designer. The main difference is that the former has to write code whereas the latter doesn’t. The widget developer is in charge of creating the new widget that will later be used by the application designer.

The application designer is in responsible for the configuration by creating and connecting the widgets in the back office module using the application orchestrator. They can also localise widgets and add restrictions based on roles, so that different users have different views of the same cockpit. All these tasks are carried out in the back office application, which provides a graphical user interface known as the Application Orchestrator.

In summary, the Next Generation Cockpit Framework facilitates the creation of cockpits to meet the business’s needs. Thanks to the great variety of widgets already provided by hybris, it is very unlikely organisations will need to write code for a new widget unless there is a particular requirement for a new one. As a result, the application designer can be somebody within your company who will tailor the business tools your company needs to become more efficient.

To learn more about the hybris Next Generation Cockpit and how it can help your business download the full whitepaper from hybris here or contact us.