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Hybris Accelerator: An out-of-box process to build a website quickly.

Hybris is a multichannel platform for commerce that is becoming the leader in eCommerce. The hybris Accelerator is an out of the box product that provides a multichannel foundation that integrates Web, Customer Service, Print, Mobile and Social Commerce. One of the main reasons for its popularity is the speed at which projects can be delivered. Hybris now offers four different accelerators that cater to the unique needs of each of the following organisations and websites: B2C, B2B, telco and the most recent that was developed for the Chinese market. These accelerators have built-in functionality that merchants commonly need on their eCommerce stores, therefore they are very helpful for delivering projects in much shorter timescales.


I have worked on different projects, both with and without the hybris accelerator, and I have realised that there are huge advantages to starting a project based on it. In this post, I will share with you my experience of the hybris accelerator and how using it can help your website build. Firstly, I will outline the main problems that I have come across during projects that did not use the accelerator as the starting point. I will then discuss what I believe to be the advantages of using the hybris accelerator.


I have found that the main problem with projects that do not use the accelerator as a base is the lack of design patterns in the implementation. This makes the code very difficult to understand, to maintain and to extend. This is something that is likely to affect you if you decide to change your hybris partner, as the new partner may not have this new functionality implemented into their processes. This can mean they are unable to gauge the side effects of any changes.

The majority of the time these projects only take into account the current requirements and do not follow a roadmap that specifies future development. This means that when the time comes to implement additional functionality it is virtually impossible to integrate it into the current code base.

Although you may think that the accelerator does not fit your business right out of the box it is a brilliant starting point for many reasons. Firstly, it has been developed using best practices and design patterns, this makes the code clean and easy to extend and maintain. It provides good examples for integration with payment providers in one or multiple steps, as well as including templates, pages, email templates, and components that can be reused and adapted to your needs. It also provides additional ecommerce functionality such as behavioural targeting groups that would otherwise require a long time to implement. Furthermore, it deals with security issues and allows you to plan carefully and effectively for future scenarios thanks to the roadmap defined by hybris for future development. Finally, it offers both a desktop and a mobile version of the website.

The hybris accelerator might not suit all eCommerce businesses out of the box but it is a good example to follow when looking to implement the functionality that your business needs. Here at InventCommerce we stick rigorously to the software development principles adopted by hybris so that our implementation does not hamper the extensibility of the platform. 

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