Driving Conversion - The Key Takeaways from Magento Maximised 2014

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Maximize your conversion: Tips for Magento conference

Achieving success with your eCommerce store is a bumpy road and as we all know optimising the number of conversions on your store leads to a much smoother journey towards success. The aim of Magento Maximised was to provide practical, proven advice with top tips from four industry partners that have a wealth of experience working with Magento to deliver highly successful eCommerce stores.

The morning kicked off with a presentation from Simon Cahill of leading international digital marketing agency Silverbean. Simon higlighted the importance of implementing processes in optimising conversion rates, as well as the tools and techniques that can be implemented. In particular he focused on the importance of tools that allow you to test usability, such as Which Test Won for A/B testing, and those that help you gain customer feedback.

This was reiterated by Kestrel Lemen, of Bronto Software, who gave delegates some important information to consider when it comes to email marketing and reducing basket abandoment. Kestrels key takeaway from the seminar was; ‘Don’t forget my birthday!’ The expert marketing strategist highlighted to the audience the huge potential for increased conversion by offering people targeted email offers around special occasions. Secondly, she discussed the importance of insuring you have a strong first impression with prospects who have signed up for emails with an enticing welcome message. You want to see these people purchase as soon as possible so 'strike while the iron is hot'.

After a quick survey of the audience it became clear that few are currently implementing this easy tactic for capturing buyers. As Kestrel emphasised this is a tactic that takes minimal time and effort to implement but can reap bountiful rewards for your eCommerce store.

Did you know that if your page takes more than two seconds to load then it starts to severely affect your sales? For every second after that that your customer is left waiting you will lose 10% of your sales. So as Peer1's Senior Solutions architect Mike Bainbridge stressed to our audience of merchants and retailers- Speed Is King.

So here are few simple tactics that can be employed to make a huge difference.