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Carry your credit card even if you use Apple Pay!

As someone who always keeps up to date with the latest payment technologies, I was glad to hear this week that Apple Pay UK has launched! 

Ever since Apple Pay was announced last year and then when our partner VISA & Cybersource announced at the same time that they were supporting Apple pay, I've kept up to date with how it was progressing and what it could do. From an Commerce prospective it is great that I don't ever need to get my credit card out of my wallet to make ether contact less payments( under £20 of course!) or pay for something when using an app.

To start off using Apple Pay you need to register a card using the Passbook app. My Passbook app already seemed to have a credit card entered, which had expired, so I had to remove this and add a new one. The iPhone scanned my card using the camera and then got me to enter in the expiry date and CVV number( the number on the signature strip). So far so good! Passbook recognised my bank and put up an image that looked like the card I use. Then it needed my bank to confirm the card, they did this by getting my bank to send me an SMS message with a code which I can to enter into Passbook. This is where I hit an issue, when the SMS came in, I left the Passbook app and went to the Message app to get the number, when I went back into the Passbook app and entered the number it told me that the number had expired. It had been less then 30 seconds. So I had to go through the process again. This time I did not leave the Passbook app but when the Message alert came through at the top of my screen I remember the number and then entered it, success! Not sure if this originally was an issue with my bank or Apple pay, but it was a poor user experience and would put people off from registering their cards.

Now that I had my card registered, I decided to try it out at my local Tesco's for lunch as they have contactless payment on the terminals. The first thing to remember is that you can't be on a call when making a payment, it is just too fiddly to get it to work. Even without being on the call, you have to find your Passbook app then select the card, and then use your fingerprint to authorise that the card can be used. For me at Tesco's Apple Pay did not work, I kept being told that I presented my card to soon. After my 3rd attempt I switched to my normal bank card for contact less, and it gave the same error, so I then had to switch to using Chip and Pin.

From this experience I can not solely trust just to have my phone on me to make payments, I still need a wallet with my credit cards in.

Just on a side note, when contactless first arrived in the UK, Barclaycard sent everyone a mini contactless card to stick onto the back of your phone. This was far easier to use then Apple pay, as i did not have to launch the Passbook app and it still worked when I had run out of battery!